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Thick Skin.

Social Media, Web Design and Graphics... all take a thick skin. Yes indeed. Whether you're being 'Scoutlike' handling negative social media posts or struggling with clients because of differences. I prefer to work with folks who know what collaboration can be a wonderfully positive experience! Not always easy; always rewarding when you go through this process together! Do they always take my advice? No. Should they? Probably, I've been at this a long time. Do I push the issue? No, ultimately it's their business; this usually proves out when my advice isn't adhered to. Am I teachable? OF COURSE! I've learned a bunch from my clients and been taken way out of my comfort zone because that's what was asked of me regarding programs and graphic design. It's been said that an hourly pricing for social media and web design should be directly related to how difficult the client is to work with. (I've been thinking hard on this!) Communications should be forward moving, all cards should be on the table.

collaborative hands

I've actually had a client I was working with pay someone to design something they'd been working with me on; for free. Keeping it real with people is of paramount importance in the social media, website, design, LIFE and in the business world. Back to Collaboration; good 'ol Webster says: 'the action of working with someone to produce or create something.' Respect for the other's time, efforts and contribution is of extreme importance. I publicly thank my clients who've been such a joy to work with! (That's most all of you!) It gives me great pleasure to get to the end result that the client wanted knowing I had the input they needed to move our businesses forward.

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