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Spaghetti Bowl.

Why? Because it's not always cut and dry, easy, black and white... and all those other descriptors for social, SEO and websites that are off the rails. Maybe you need a catch up? Do all your links work? Are you social media and website connected? Do you have an advertising account? Do you NEED one if you just have a page? What is a tab? Can I open more than one? - so many questions I've helped folks with. This industry is not a 'throw a quote at it' one. There is so much clients just plain do not understand about how this.. or any of it.. works. That's why you hire a 'media' doctor that knows the ins and outs of all of it. With over 10 years experience in media and social - I think I can help. If I can't? I won't take you down a rabbit hole just to get more money from you. Do I know it ALL? No. CAN I find it out for you? Yes.


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