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Hi, I'm Susan Singer,

your photographer! 



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My previous business, with Client Reviews!

A little bit about my process:

Where will we shoot?

All shoots happen in my home studio, as well as some of my favorite outdoor spaces that make fantastic backdrops (weather permitting)

I have a variety of outdoor locations nearby, including fences, brick walls, greenery + more!

I mean, where exactly? 

My home studio is conveniently located a mile off of Courthouse Road in North Chesterfield, Richmond, Virginia. I'll provide you with the exact address when we chat.

What will the session be like? 

Mostly, we’ll just chat and I will capture your many expressions as we do. I might be asking you to ‘lean in’ and tilt your head here and there -- any small movement can change the ‘feel’.  We're trying to make the shots interesting, current with trends and capture photos that show the REAL you .. or the characters that might be your ‘type’ We’ll have a good time, I promise!

What should I wear? 

Solid neutral colors are best, bringing several changes. YOU get to play dress-up! If you want full body shots, think more dressy shoes that match. Also, accessories, blazers, scarves... etc.


No logos is suggested, though I’ve had clients bring their favorite shirts for fun.

I have a hanging rack for you, a close by mirror and clean bathroom for changing in my studio


What about hair & makeup? 

Guys, if you shave, do it a few hours before the shoot to avoid facial redness.

Bring a comb and or brush.

It is best if your hair is not FRESHLY cut.

If you wear makeup, bring some along for touch ups.

How should I prep? 
Get some GOOD sleep the night before and drink plenty of water...  so you glow. 😊

Anything else?
RELAX! Enjoy yourself, have fun with the shoot! Peruse the resource sites as well. 

Some examples of my other work.

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