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asher benrubi
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Indianapolis, IN/Washington, DC/St. Louis, MO

Producer Kara Savio of St. Louis HEC-TV got a "Regional Emmy" nomination for this short documentary about Asher's life.

"When I needed someone/a company to help me manage, develop and expand my business, "Smash Entertainment Media", I secured the services and expertise of "Reach Social Media Management." Susan Singer knows her stuff. Then, once she works with you and comes to know "your stuff," you will come to the confidence and mindful security that frees you up to work on the creative and innovative ideas and efforts that provide the drive that got you started in the biz in the first place and will keep you proceeding in a progressive company growth mode. I reached for "Reach" when I needed and wanted to reach deeper and more into the "Social Media" that would/will extend my company's reach in the business of Entertainment Media." -Asher Benrubi/The Smash, February 6, 2016 · 

“Working with Susan at Reach DIgital is great! She has tons of energy and ideas to improve the effectiveness of Websites, Facebook pages, Instagram, and other social platforms. Let her help you! Sometimes just catching up with Susan makes my day … because she helps me catch up with me too!”

                                                                                                       -David Simmons  




Hebron Food Pantry, Consulting

Attleboro, MA

Classic Auto Sales

Attleboro, MA

Freeman's Garage

Website and Facebook

Norton, MA

Child Actor, Adam Khaykin


Media, Consultation

Resume work

Defunct Travel Blog 2016

Richmond Virginia Baha'i's

Tropical Outlet - Facebook

Nostalgic N' More 2 Attleboro, MA 2015 Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Website 2/15 - 6/15

Wind and Willow Jewelry - Norton, MA - Facebook  9/15 - 12/15

"I have had first hand experience with Reach Social Media Mgmt.(RSMM) and I can honestly say they are knowledgeable and patient with their clients. RSMM understands what your website means to you on both a professional and personal level; after all our business are our babies and RSMM understands how important it is to get your website just right. Your site will be up and running with lightening speed. 
    I personally tried to create my own site and it literally took me away from the business I was trying to promote! If social  media is not in your wheel house or you just don't have time to dedicate to creating a site on your own, or you have but  need it tweaked, please contact RSMM ASAP! You won't be disappointed!"

                                                                                        Trish Fowler, CEO
                                                                                        RPM Development, LLC

                                                                                        Annapolis, MD

Charles Max Million Portrait.jpg

'I have worked with Susan since  January of 2019. She was recommended by a friend using her services. I like Susan’s work not only because she gets the job done, but because she challenges my thinking, offers alternative solutions. Now we’re beginning to work on some of my other sites.'


   The Rev. Doctor Charles E. Million

                   St. Louis, MO

Marie-Christine Williams

Motivational Speaker



"Susan is very professional  and knowledgeable. She is currently working with me on a project and I am very happy with results."

-Marie-Christine Williams, Author/Speaker

St. Louis, MO

I was asked to be the Marketing Chair for Boy Scouting in the area. I am honored!

Co production of content /Website Consultant and creator of

Narragansett Council, Providence, RI

The New York Marble Cemetery est. 1831

Manhattan, East Village NY, NY

"Digital Girl" is what we call Susan for good reason! Less than 24 hours after our first meeting my website was LIVE. Stellar customer service is one click away by text, email, or phone. Susan also prompts me on creative ways to get the word out through social media and patiently tutors me on how to (eventually!) do this independently. Best of all she genuinely shares my enthusiasm in growing my business. Thank You Reach Digital Management 🙂                                    - Katie Lieberman

The Baha'i's of Southeastern Massachusetts

Facebook and Website

Olde Thyme Shoppe



Gary Maher


Gary Maher LAP Leadership



Deep Cuts Internet radio. James Shively DJ, Smith Mountain Lake, VA




Mark Kasen

I found Susan (Reach Digital Management) through Smash (Asher Benrubi). My website represents my radio show. Without the site, the program would be less than a half of a show. The ability to post pictures, articles, events and varied activities is essential to my work. Susan makes everything become live and effective. If that's all Susan did, she'd just be a terrific web designer. However, she's a lot more than that. She's a consummate media professional. She knows every aspect of social media and she knows how to make things work perfectly. The "reach" in Reach Digital Management is not an accidental designation. She has a grip on how to reach the public, how to reach for new revenues and how to reach a level of operation necessary to be successful. Media development in 2019 requires a great deal more than just being present. It involves thoughtful interaction on every level, and Susan is prepared to deliver that using new platforms and creative strategies. If you want to reach out to the public, Susan is always available to help you do more. The work that all of us do requires "more," and Susan understands that in ways that even the most professional of us do not always understand. Our world is changing rapidly; we all are aware. Susan's presence makes that change less scary and more valuable for us as clients and true partners. If you're wondering whether Susan would be helpful, stop wondering. I promise you that she's extraordinary and delivers a profound degree of support in developing the "reach" that we need. If I haven't told you enough here, you can contact me through my website; we love Susan.

Some of my "for fun' pages on Facebook.

IF they don't seem current, it's because I've been working for my clients. 
Scout the Pomeranian Prince
Really Healthy Eating
Old School Funny
Your Mama Said

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