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A moving target...

Doing a little 'clicking around' this weekend I ran into this social media company. As social and website design continue to be a moving target I'm taking the opportunity to kick around this graphic a bit... The left is 'company A' and they are comparing themselves to ...the competition. The first thing I notice is 7 posts a week. Definitely a way to turn followers off. The second thing I notice is that nothing is charged for set up. Set up is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing! Settings must be correct for the audiences, about, where, when what... initial graphic creation. That takes a LOT of time. Investigation of the clients online presence, business, habits, customers, photography... whew! I charge $25 each; honestly, it takes more time than that. Up to 6 social? Not everyone wants or needs more than a few. Connecting them to the websites? I do that. I have experience with most all platforms. It takes experience and know how to do what I do. If I don't know the answers, I will find them for you. Social Media and Websites don't have to break the bank.

cost of social media

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