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When Social Media WILL NOT WORK

I've been thinking about this subject. Business are failing. From my experience it seems these may be some of the reasons. If ANY of these apply to your business: Social Media may NOT work for you in the long run. You may get more folks in the door - the downside being that they SEE where the shortcomings of your business lie and spread the word! THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU WANT! No matter how much social media you use to promote your business it will not be succesful. You can't blame social media for this.

1. Your hours are sporadic

Are you open varying hours? Even worse; are you advertising that you're open and you're not when someone comes and tugs on your door?

2. Your business 'focus' is unclear

People can't easily understand what exactly your business is all about;

they get confused and look for establishments to frequent that aren't so "fuzzy".

3. Are some of the items in you place of business 'not for sale' or not priced clearly?

Let's face it, many businesses have 'props' for their real retail items. If you have too many mixed-in amongst; customers get confused and, well - leave. If your items are not CLEARLY priced people will

be frustrated and confused.

4. DO you have a mission statement for your business?

A mission statement clearly posted reminds you daily of your goals and keeps you in focus. It also

tells your customers that YOUR BUSINESS has a VISION and a DUTY to live up to expectations.

5. DIRT it's everywhere...

People can tell quickly whether or not a place is unkempt, uncared for or unclean; Is yours? Look up.

Look down. Closely. Your customers or clients judge you from the appearance of your establishment.

6. Is YOUR product high quality at an afordable price for YOUR area?

If people can go on ebay or amazon and get the products in your store for half the price of your

offerings; you might have issues. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! No sales? This could be why. People walk in

leave. Are they saying to themselves: 'They must be in love with this stuff, they don't seem to want to

sell it!'

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